Work progress

We had our first 'Welcome' meeting [insert the cheery exclamation points brought to the meeting by the early 20 something women running it].  The company is impressive.  Run by a woman who hit the outsource service industry at just the right time and runs a complex set up harnessing the power of women working from home (I'd wager 90 percent of the workers are moms working from home).  And it is pretty complex.  Just getting the computers set up by people who don't do computers is a huge job.  They've got some pretty hefty third party software that turns the PC into a kiosk PC (in previous entries I've discussed that).  And the scheduling of people all over the map and paying them and managing the problems.  

Huge organizational challenge.  But they have videos, mobile apps, flash cards, mini tests, online official tests, all designed to reach the various personalities, time frames and learning styles for hundreds of employees supporting I don't know how many companies.  It is quite the undertaking and, so far, it is really well done.  There are 40 or so people in my group (Peleton Wave 11) and there is also a Wave 12 with as many and that is just Peleton.  They have a bunch of other customers including TurboTax and Aerus and Airbnb and I don't know how many others.  I'm currently on Peleton.  TurboTax would be a better fit but it is not an ongoing kind of thing.  It is more of a project.  

My impression is (and it would make sense) that if you do the thing well and show up consistently there are more and better opportunities.  Assuming I want them.

So far it is interesting and I'm not yet making money.  


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