Domestic morning

It is raining (he says as if that is a routing occurrence) and a cool 73 degrees this morning.  I'm hoping that if I take if for granted it will keep it up and we'll just forget the dog days of September.  

Rather than do my studies on my new almost a job I decided to clean up by vacuuming and using my new steam mop.  No end to the excitement in my life.  The steam mop (recommended by runeshower ) is just perfect for our kitchen and living room area.  We have ceramic, non destructible, nearly impossible to see dirt tile.  I love it but I know it needs to be cleaned but I hate mopping.  This steam mop has so many pluses and no minuses that I can find.  It cleans without soap by injecting steam into the cloth mop head.  So, no soap to clean up but with the steam a really good clean.  This is the second time I've used it so I've kind of caught up with the dirt now and it is pretty clean already.  But put distilled water in, plug it in, mop as you would normally but the water evaporates immediately since it is steam so it is dry in seconds.  Pull off the cloth head and throw it into the washer for next time.  Sooo easy.  And I'm so virtuous.

Between that and my battery powered Dyson vacuum I'm all about cleaning.  I do in minutes what used to take nearly an hour and a lot more energy.  And I've got shopping to do before settling in for afternoon tennis.

138 days to inauguration 


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