I've been adding the Inauguration Day to my entries for a while now and have had a couple of people ask about it, be scared about it.

In my life I've never experienced a time that I thought was more perilous for our democracy than now.  We're not yet Seven Days in May time here but I can see where that is now and how it or something similar could happen.  The brown shirts are khaki and white (messed up metaphor acknowledged).

Despite the fact that I move my chair as far from religion as I can, the truth of Norman Vincent Peale can not be denied.  There is a power in positive thinking.  There is a chance that you can hit the target if you know what it is and aim for it and zero chance if you don't identify it ahead of time.

I could be wrong.  I was wrong about Hillary but that's not so much of a reach in retrospect (aka — wishful vs positive thinking).  What I see not is not the same.  This voting cycle will have more attendance in terms of numbers than any American cycle ever.  I'm pretty sure the Trump voters self identified four years ago and it doesn't matter how many boats they put in the water, or how many dually trucks they line up, the numbers haven't changed and, frankly, they were an older population and we know what happens to that.

On the other side, we're in the street.  A minority are burning things down, but the majority are holding registration drives.  Those kids who witnessed Parkland and agitated to get people registered in the 2018 election?  They are 21 now as are a huge majority of kids who have noticed the waters approaching the shores as the glaciers melt.  Have you noticed the age of the protesters?  They are political muscle who may not embrace Biden but sure as hell hear 'please allow me to introduce myself....' instead of Hail to the Chief.

I do not think Biden could have gotten elected last cycle and, age aside, I doubt he'd be right next cycle.  We're going to have an AOC push that meets up with Tucker Carlson next round but right now?  

He is the right person in the right place at the right time.

And if I'm wrong nothing will be different.  We'll be just as screwed.  

Meanwhile for the next 56 days I'll be looking forward to the Inauguration, thank you very much.

Power of Positive Thinking!


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