My brain kinda hurts

And not from the news.  I've given much of my news deep diving a rest the effects of which, in addition to dropping off twitter for the most part, is kind of nice.

In half an hour or so we pick up with another morning of learning new systems.  This shipping, that tracking, the database and all the ways to access the information.  Fortunately I will say the instruction is really top of the line.  Rather than setting up people to fail, they set them up to succeed and continue to support them with positive assistance far as I can see as long as their is work to do.  This is the umbrella company, my actual employer, that has the Peloton contract.  They also have contracts with a bunch of other companies: Zillow, Turbo Tax, car rental companies, etc.  I gather that were I to continue and certify on other companies I could have a schedule where I work for some hours on Peloton and some on Turbo Tax in the same week.  It is an interesting set up professionally run.

But for the moment it is tiring since I've not flexed any of the muscles required to actually learn new stuff and apply it and interact with PEOPLE.  So I'm getting used to it again.  Not a bad thing at all.  It definitely cuts into my doing nothing time, though.  And that may be a good thing too.  

All in all, it is no doubt healthy for me and will be for my bank account too.

Still can't remember what day it is.  I took my Wednesday pills today.  Ah, well.



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