I relented. 

As part of my belt tightening I killed my Spotify membership along with my Google Music (aka — YouTube without commercials) membership.

I've not yet reinstated the latter.  It is amazing how little I want to see some crap or other on YouTube if I have to watch a commercial first.  

But the music is another thing.  I no longer have any CD's or vinyl or any other way to create music.  When one has access to 90% of everything it kind of makes sense to give up the physical version.  So when we moved I gave up my albums and although I've got a few CDs hanging around I never listen to them.  If I want something I go to Spotify.  But the paid membership turns out is the only way that is really feasible and in the big picture it is such small luxuries that I'm working for.  If I want to hear a song is it just so nice to be able to search and play or Alexa and play.  And I've got a play list that is approaching 200 entries.  I can listen to a random assortment of nearly everything I've ever run across that I like.  

So I renewed last night.  Just the Spotify.  No YouTube yet.

Back to work.  If I understand things I'll actually be working for cash money on Saturday so I need to study.



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