I frequently have the problem.  My brain gets full and My Eyes Glaze Over.  I'm in full time MEGO now.

Four days of learning systems and policies and processes and EMPATHY vs Sympathy.  And as anyone can tell you I am maybe just a thin shade from an empathetic personality.  I mean, not Scrooge, but envious of him.

We are going live when next we start work.  I think the company we're supporting (no telling, seattlejo ) has had some two hour hold times so it is better to get ANYONE on the phone even if they don't have all the empathy classes done.  I'm in better shape than most of our 'wave' of 40.  But the more I look at things the more I see I don't know and have been doing it wrong.  The system is going to have so much bad data in it from errant inputs that they will just need to throw out the entire month or two.  There is another 'wave' of 40 starting at the same time and, I think, more soon to follow.

So much for there not being jobs.  As usual my mileage definitely has varied.  It took me about 10 minutes from the time I got serious about it to the time I got hired.  They want me for 20 hours a week but I could probably triple that if I wanted.

For the moment, though, my brain is reeling a bit.  

'Wait, you turn me off for a year and the slam down the accelerator, turn the key, and expect me to be screaming down the track?' 

It is not pleased.

But that is good to shake up the synapses again and to be confident that I'm ahead of all those whipper snappers who are trying to do the same thing.  Hah!



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