I'll like it better when I get paid

Working is entirely self induced stress.  The processes are very complicated and so many pieces to know.  I think it is just not so organized.  Doing something simple requires using three or four different systems and all kinds of repetitive documenting.  Everything I'm doing right now is for the first time which is not a problem if I don't care about how the customer perceives me (and, really, why should I?) and they don't mind being on hold. 

So far they've all be very nice but for the one woman who held me accountable because she didn't read the agreement and wanted me to give her something for which she was no longer eligible.

All in all the calls and emails have been good.  Even the people who are upset are nice, at least the ones I've talked to (some mileage has varied... I've been lucky).  

I had a computer instructor who taught me the best lesson in computers I've ever heard.  His name was Ensign Odo.  He said, if your computer is doing something wrong I want you to raid your hand and say "Ensign, Odo, I made a mistake."

I think that should be a requirement for anyone calling into customer service.  I mean, occasionally it will not be their mistake but starting from that position is a great place to start.  Because it is nearly always the truth.

I'm so used to owning the process and outcome and needing to have it perfect and being responsible for follow up and ensuring what I said would happen will really happen, owning the pipeline.  It is why I love being paid salary.  Do the big job.

But I'm not doing that and it is hard switch to turn off.  I find myself wondering if that guy's address change was made correctly so he gets the bike he gifted his wife.  It is not my monkey.  I passed it off the way the process said to.

I don't own the monkey.  I don't own the circus.

My hours are tallied on the 1st so I'll see money headed my way.  That will be interesting.


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