Waiting for my CPAP

Both Dana and I sleep with CPAP's.  It is kind of like the pod people but, really, Zoe needs one too.  

Having a CPAP is like a drug for me.  A good drug.  I use it every time I sleep.  My body is so happy when I do.

Mine started coming up with a message saying it was about to die.  It was an auto message after a certain number of hours, I'm sure, but I'd not be happy at all if I had to go without it.  The damn things have a long lead time.  Can't just go to the store and buy it.

So I called about three weeks ago and it is being delivered today.  Late today.  I'm going to the store before it gets here and we'll be making dinner kind of late.   They said something about setting it up and giving me instructions.  I'm pretty sure the guy delivering it was in diapers when I was on my first of what is now three CPAPs.  No help needed.  And I really don't need someone in the house, in our bubble, who does not absolutely have to be here.

I just called and made sure about the delivery time.  Off to the store.

You need anything?



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