My apologies for again being optimistic or Non Illegitimi Carborundum

Not the first time I've said this but the country is at the end of a rubber band and we're about to be sling-shotted...  [I'm sure there is a better syntax for that] into the economic future.

I suppose you want some more evidence other than the fact that I managed to get a job about 10 minutes after I really started looking.  

Buried under the headlines of the new Supreme Court Justice who will end the world as we know it, the pandemic the required endurance for which makes an Ultra Marathon seem like a sprint, the legitimate social unrest that is not going away soon nor should it, is a summary of an article I could have predicted and have been looking for.  The Wall Street Journal (I can only read the summary since the capitalist bastards want to charge me to read it directly!!) reports that there were 3.2 million EIN's taken out so far this year.  

If you've ever started a small business, that's the first step towards declaring that you really have more than a mom and pop thing going on and are serious and are interested in supporting a CPA and his family since your taxes just became much more complicated.  

People have been sitting around the kitchen table last year having just finished the Tiger King and very tired of hearing "I don't know what do you want to do" and thinking "Wait, those people could run a business?"  

Out of work and running out of money, 18 percent MORE people in 2020 decided that they could do it themselves better than their old boss (and way better than Joe or Carol) and they went online and declared to the federal government "I've got a small business".  And 12 percent more than in 2019 indicated that their business would employ other people.

Two thirds of those companies are going to fail.  Been there and I know how it happens.  But every one of those 3.2 million people are going to take a (sometimes short) lesson in how a business works.  They are going to be entrepreneurs.  And they will do it again with a better idea and a better plan and more of them will succeed.  And a couple of them are going to be Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates and they might end up changing the world.  Again.

No idea what will happen with all of those other stories in the news but I know about this one.  The next administration is going to look brilliant.  Superior economic plan.  Pulling the country out of the depths of economic recession.  Just like with every other President who pretends they have some impact on the economy it is luck and timing.  

The train is on the track already DESPITE everything that is going on.

I constantly resist the concept of American Exceptionalism.  But sometimes it is hard.  I find numbers like those above and the lunacy of believing you can create a successful business in the face of all the evidence that you will fail to be The American Inspiration.  It is not that we deserve it by some religious fiat.  

It is not Manifest Destiny, it is Earned Equity.


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