CPAP Redux

So my CPAP has an app.  That is a line in a really weird poem, I think.  A limerick with no place to go. 

The app says I'm sleeping poorly.  My wife says I'm sleeping poorly.  I think I am too.  The problem with a CPAP is it helps you get everything just right but in my case it is not enough.  I'm still sleeping with my mouth open which kind of defeats the whole purpose of positive regulated air flow.  

I did a little noodling around and found this tape that you put over your mouth to keep it closed.  It sounds ridiculous, like nose strips, but we're going to give it a try.  Coming via Amazon tomorrow.  The alternative is a strap holding my jaw closed.  

It is all kind of weird and seems draconian but sleep is pretty important to me and it is not working right and this is kind of the definition of non invasive.  Worth a try.


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