Slowly figuring it out

I've never really worked this kind of customer service before.  I had internal computer support and my computer company but this is a different animal.  My biggest problem is still getting to a place where I can let go of the issue.  The pay is by minute on the phone far as I know.  Which means that:

a — My goal is to keep the customer on the phone while I do documentation, research, connections with help, reading instructions, etc, etc.  

b — Do as little as possible when I'm not on the phone so I can get back on the phone.  That tends to (or would if I let it) result in shortcuts and less than fully realized solutions. 

c — I don't get paid for followup.  

I'm not 100% that the above is true but I think it is.  I've got a meeting with one of the trainers/cheerleaders tomorrow morning to answer that very question.

The question is: Does the company pay for solutions, for customer fulfillment, for white glove service?  Or do they pay for minutes on the phone.  Very different outcomes.

I'm not going to change the world and I'm sure not going to change this company.  

It is interesting to be in a position that the world will not end, my food will not stop, my life will not be much curtailed if I don't continue this job.   It changes the lens through which I view things.  It will be interesting to talk to the post training trainers to get their philosophy.


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