Bagels and masks

I don't have any work on the schedule today and until I just checked, there were no open blocks to jump on.  But now there are so I might do some work later.

BUT, I decided I needed a bagel so off to Einstein.  And on the way is Costco and I wanted to buy some of the masks they have:

Really comfortable masks
Really comfortable masks

So I stopped at Costco on the way.  $189.93 later I got to Einstein Bagels and picked up a dozen.  

Any other store I might have grabbed the masks and left.  But, it is Costco.  You are supposed to spend money there and LOOK AT ALL YOU SAVE!!!  So some really nice steak medallions, Boursin,  Toilet paper, paper towels (planning for the 2nd wave shortage), cream of tomato soup, and sundries.

What a deal.

Now I've had my bagel and coffee and am happy.  Totally worth it.


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