The balance of death and taxes

I started a comment on an entry by mrdreamjeans and decided not to hijack his work.  I'll hijack my own instead.  IMHO.

The states are in a political game right now.  People are more worried about the economy than the virus.  For so many people it is just as much life or death to be able to work and is worth the chance.  It is why Trump is resurging a little and locally why they are opening up some.

The states want to find an acceptable level of infection that will allow some economic resurrection which I think is the only reasonable approach.  The news portrays it as if they are throwing a party now (same videos over and over) but really they are just trying to get people back to work, get the engine moving again, and find an acceptable level of infection just as we do with all communicable disease.  If only we had a group of scientists who have dedicated their entire lives to be ready for just this moment.  We could put them in a group and call it, I don't know, Center for ...   oh, I'm sure you can think of something.

A Navy ship that is out for a long time has a lot of long term stores that start out fresh and slowly over time spoil.  Everyone knows about weevils in the hard tack.  But this is also present day.  I talked to a supply officer once who told me they were trained in how many bugs per scoop were allowed in the flour for it to still be acceptable.  This was in the 1980's, fairly present day.  It shocked me a little bit then I realized there are bugs or parts of bugs in nearly everything we eat so get the hell over it.

This is where we are with the pandemic.  We are going to have people who get sick with Covid and people who die with Covid and we're going to have to find an acceptable level just as we do with the flu every year.  We turn on the faucet of commerce a little and then see where we stand.  Turn it on a little more and look.

But the news can't report it that way.  There has to be DRAMA!! And SOUND!!! And WAILING!!!  But the reality is we have a statistical balance of commerce on one side and Covid death on the other.  How we tolerate that balance is the question.  Fortunately there are people who can have that discussion and I only hope they are doing it behind all the teeth gnashing.

Everyone wears a mask.  Or should.  We find a way to live with masks and work with masks and slowly develop a civilization wide immunity with masks.  And those of us more vulnerable hopefully will continue to be in a place where we can retreat from the crowds and be a little safer.  

But there is no life without risk.  Only death brings a riskless existence.


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