My smart car becomes less so

It is all my fault.  I got a new battery and my sister susandennis got me a Smart Vehicle Health Monitor that will be here tomorrow.  So not at all surprising when I got in the car today that it turned over half a turn and then just clicks.  I think the starter died as it still has juice.  

It is funny that it is just a minor annoyance.  I've got Dana's car (huge monster of a Rav 4 that it is) and, oh yeah, I work at home.  I've been practicing for months to not go anywhere and gotten pretty good at it.

So I called a mobile repair guy and he says he can be here Wednesday.  As long as he can fix Smart cars suffering, apparently, from some dementia Wednesday is fine.  I really don't want to do the tow truck thing.

Hanging in here.


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