Misanthropic customer service

I've turned the corner or mostly so.  For the most part I know what to do when someone calls with a problem.  Still some processes to learn but I no longer have to ask on Slack help every time. I can usually figure it out.  So even as a true misanthrope I'm a male so I like to fix problems and I love being right and successful.  So working on a medium complex problem and successfully solving it is like finishing a medium difficult Sudoku.  But I get paid and the members love being helped.  

The other thing is now I don't own the company I don't own the huge complaints when someone else has totally screwed up something.  I had a woman on the phone who had been on hold and then was with the wrong department and somehow ended up, by her account, being on hold for an hour and was at her wit's end.  The guy that sent her to me just did a cold dump to our line and had no notes so I had to start over with her.  She was very cranky and my response was 'you should be, I would be too'.  She started responded positively to me but apparently someone was waiting for her and she hung up in frustration.  I would have loved to help her but no matter.  I updated the ticket and moved on.  Since I do not own the company I don't own such problems and I did not give it another thought.

Alternately I had a guy call me late yesterday.  His wife had a birthday coming up and he had bought a used equipment for her and wanted my help setting it up.  I was able to help him so I heard all about his daughter getting married and his other daughter about to give birth and how he was going to put a bow on this and surprise his wife and he was so excited.  I could listen to what I wanted and say all the right stuff without being involved and we got everything set up for his wife's surprise.  All the good stuff without the baggage.  

Way more positive interactions than negative.  And I get paid.  

It is kind of tiring but I think a lot of that is I'm still having to learn new processes and systems and so I do stress out a bit more than I will with a couple of more weeks under my belt.

Plus I'm way not used to working.  I took a year off.  And kind of enjoyed not having to interact with anyone I didn't want to.    At some point in the not too distant future I'll likely get back to that.  Something to look forward to.


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