I've always got to watch me or ...

I had a counselor (not even mine... someone elses!) give me a sheet once that I've since thrown out because I already know EVERYTHING.  It had to do with things people like me did that caused stress for themselves.  I don't remember much of it but the one thing he said that clicked was I do things better than anyone else so it is difficult for me to let go when I KNOW they will screw it up.

That is so on the nose I've got a bleed from it.  Just ask my three wives.

This plays out in my customer service job.  Nearly half the calls we get are all set up for us to just note what is going on and pass it to the right department, usually the delivery people who seem so have some problems.  How hard is that.  Answer, note, pass on.

But I could do a better job.  And I like this person on the other end of the line.  I'm INVESTED!  I can fix it.  The people I pass it on to won't do it right.

One of the things I was taught in the military was never hold onto a piece of paper.  Either do something with it, shred it, or give it to someone else.  Paper that has stopped moving is a problem.

But I'd do a better job!!!

For anyone in the world with whom I've come in contact I'd like to apologize right now.

So now I'm going to pass on all those jobs.  Frankly, I make more money answering, noting and passing.  

And I do not own the world.  It is NOT MY CIRCUS!




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