I don't think that means what you think it means

Apologies to Inigo Montoya for screwing up his line but it so fits.  Here is the headline:

Donald Trump leads Joe Biden by 5 points in Texas, UT/TT Poll finds

Oh dear it is all over now.  Trump wins Texas!!!

They are missing the HUGE word that puts the entire story in perspective.

And that word?  Only.  He leads by ONLY 5 points.  

DT beat Clinton by nearly 10 points.  And if you don't mind dying of Covid, Texas is in excellent shape with a continuously growing population and economy and little effect from the 2020 disasters.  If you don't mind dying of Covid.  

For a state with the resources and steady economic success that has been a hallmark of Texas for the past 15 years we sucked at getting top of the disease and maintaining control  The numbers have gone up and this week we're opening the bar doors so by the end of October, just in time for flu season, we'll have some seriously high numbers and before Thanksgiving a death spike.

But I hugely digress.  It is remarkable that in the middle of an positive economic growth curve the Republican candidate is only leading by 5 points.

Much of that is Trumpism on the wane and we'll be scraping that crap off our shoes for years but much of it is a philosophical swing in the state that has been happening for years.  This is NOT the year Texas will turn blue but we've scared the hell out of the Republicans and there is a swell that will be undeniable for Harris/Buttigieg.  


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