As the country coughs up the orange fur ball

Totally stole that line from Mike Murphy here!!

My car is home.  Driving it back from the Mercedes shop I was really surprised at how at home I felt in it.  I enjoy the smallness and am so used to driving it the whole experience is just part of me.  And it is back in its garage now.  I'm about $1500 poorer but I bought it in 2012, paid it off after a no interest loan four years later, and have only added oil, tires and bought a battery in all that time.  So my cost of ownership is miniscule compared to almost any other car I've had.  And I feel like it is just as much care as I need and no more.  I love the efficiency of size.

The roller coaster of new job, new processes, new schedule, etc, etc, etc is smoothing out a little.  The phone was actually a little quiet today which is not a good thing in the long run.  I think after I get this down (I think they want 100 hours on your new job before you apply for more) I'll reach out to maybe qualify for other programs so I can keep working.  So far my quality numbers exceed what they say I should have and I've got higher than the average positive customer reviews (he's such a nice boy) so it is pretty much up to me where I take it.  I'm waiting for my second paycheck to see what I'm actually getting per hour.  I've been trying to keep my actual time on Togl so I can use real numbers to get hourly pay (from the time I go virtual on my PC until I come back).  No idea how that will work out but at worst it will pay off the car and vet bills then we can see.

And brilliant me I bought a wireless head set not thinking that the PC I use does not have bluetooth so ... I've got a very nice not so useable headset for a couple of days until I get the adapter.

Heading out in a few to take Dana to vote!!


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