Weird schedule day

I've not quite got this work schedule under control but next week will be better than this one so maybe it will be OK.

I start today at 11:30, work until noon, start again at 1 and work util 2:30 then done for the day.  Then tomorrow is 8:30 to 1 straight through.

It is an annoying process but nothing over which I have much control.  I've figured out a bit of it and am working four longish days next week without many of the holes I've got in this week's schedule.  To do that required me to be at my PC at 10AM on Saturday mornings in order to participate in the schedule land grab to set up two weeks from now.  As I said.  Annoying.

We've caught up with much of the backlog which is not really good in the long run.  They are maybe not quite as desperate for people as they were.  I'm in the top probably 20 percent exceeding the goals stated for me so I'm not too worried but things can always change.

They release the pay information today so I'll get a better idea of how much I'm actually getting per hour.  That will either be encouraging or depressing.  We'll see.  Regardless I'm committed to refilling the coffers somewhat depleted by auto mechanics and soon by veterinarians.  Once I'm back with all the pots filled again, we'll see.

All in all I'm still very lucky.  I'd be bagging groceries if not for this.  


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