Day off number 1

I'm not working today nor tomorrow.  I've got a little better schedule set up but it still needs work.  Friday has a 15 minute block in the morning during which I have to sign on and be available for calls.  Might be no one calls, might be I've got one that takes up half an hour.  I get paid for the time worked especially for the time on a call but it is a serious disruption of my morning and I'm not allowed to change it once it is set.  Still such a weird system.  They put out messages saying they need help filling specific hours and I'm so not motivated to help since the system is so weird.  

But I'm getting better at playing it and the higher my QA score is (where someone grades my calls) the more likely I get into the 'preferred' level where I get first grab at scheduling.  I'm not there yet but likely will be eventually.

Meanwhile I'm enjoying a couple of days with nothing particular to do.  Other than cutting the grass there is not too much that really needs to be done.

I'm baking some rosemary asiago bread at the moment.  Based on the NY Times no knead bread it is easy and is close to sourdough without actually being there.  It is sad that it works so well as it makes me lazy.  Picture to follow.

Other than that I've got nothing.  Likely some football and beer on the horizon today but not much else.

I'm re-reading Dune for an embarrassingly high number of times with the intent of going through at least the first three books again.  The movie reminded me how much I like the story and the final book of The Expanse series is not out yet and the movie is delayed for a YEAR so I'm going to work through as much as I can stand.   


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