To live and die in QA

I've got a remedial customer service performance meeting next week.  Sigh. My numbers took a dive in my most recent call they looked at.  When I read the review I found two issues.  The first was reasonable.  They want us to point customers to a self serve app to reset their financial information.  I neglected, while helping someone, to point that out.

All the rest was pieces of flair.  I didn't say the company name enough, didn't point out the latest features of the product, etc, etc, etc.

That is going to kill me.  

I think it was mostly the grader, how they looked at the call.  I'm fairly consistent although I do more frequently say the company name but now I've been marked the other graders are going to be looking and counting.

Going in I had the thought that I was never going to be enough of a cheerleader to meet what I suspected their goals would be.

But it is just another day so we'll see.  Meanwhile I'm achieving my objectives for the most part.  We'll have to see about the rest.


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