Proud (faux) boy intimidation

The combination of me not being easily intimidated since, as amw so eloquently puts it 'fuck them' and the idea that some group has identified me through having 'gained access to the entire voting infrastructure' makes the whole message some voters are receiving equally funny and chilling.

Just for the record, this is foreign intervention.  The Proud Boys are not sufficiently organized nor are they back from their gun range/jerky eating contest so they could not send out emails on that 'lectronic thingy.  This is Iran and Russia, the 'Friends' part of Fox and Friends.

I never get interesting messages like this.  It is annoying.  I don't get intimidating or phishing phone calls or email.  Nothing.  I feel left out.  Maybe I need to click on a bunch of random stuff on Facebook.  Of course that would require my presence on FB, not an option.

The FBI is on top of their game and I say good for them.  It is really comforting to see another dedicated branch of the government (and I put the military at the top of that group) that has survived the four years of the orange big top intact and doing their job.  And as we usually are we're behind the criminal enterprises playing defense but our defense is better than their offense.  Federal law enforcement and the military have held the ramparts despite a continuous attempt to degrade their foundation.  I'm just happy they can enjoy some support for the next four.



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