Life after jail

Ok, not really jail but I have been amazed at how much, after a couple of years of being out of the employment arena and a dozen years before that being the boss of me, I really resented having to meet a set of scheduled blocks during which I had to be logged in and on the system.  There are a number of other reasons I needed to step away from the job but I really hated someone else having control.  So we're not likely to do that any longer.

Now I'm under my own control.  Out of control.  Whatever.

My intent is to move further down the blog road piecing together a viable low profit blog (I really don't need much).  I've thought about it for a while and looked at the possibilities last year but I wasn't really convinced I needed to do it.  And I'm not going to starve.  But I don't have enough of a cushion and things happen.  So I'm a little more motivated now having seen the alternatives.

A few hours this week then full time starting Saturday putting in hours every day.  I'm comfortable that I can write about anything.  The trick is to find THE thing that I care about and others care about and has a commercial hook, however small.  But I've got some people I'm working with and I'm motivated.  


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