Conundrum done

Those of us over 65 in Texas can vote by absentee.  One of the few exceptions.  I signed up immediately soon as I turned.  It never occurred to me that there would ever be an issue about it until a few months ago then it was too late.  If I didn't vote absentee once I had the ballot I'd run the risk of some kind of provisional crap.  If I did I'd run the risk that my signature might not be good enough for someone.  The whole thing was kind of stressing me out.  But I voted and mailed it the next day and it got there in two and has been sitting uncounted, unaccepted, ever since.  I've been checking every day and every day it has said "Pending" with no idea of what would be my recourse should it be rejected.

But I worry no more.

Anyone guess for whom the bell tolls?
Anyone guess for whom the bell tolls?



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