Masked Indifference

Ok, ok... I'm writing this mostly so I can create two titles like a set of Jeopardy categories.  But I did notice something my brain did earlier today.

Of course I'm starting to have second, third and fourth, etc thoughts about stopping my current employment in exchange for the unknown.  But I did something today that helped.  A lot.  I went to the section that grades us and read the most recent comments on my service level performance.  My Rubric output (wave of nausea just passed over me using that word).  

I actually have been doing fairly well, about my norm, in the grading.  Way above the average and above what is required.  But I read the latest comment and it solidified any thoughts I might have that I was doing the wrong thing by leaving.  

It indicated my empathy was a little insufficient with an example that I won't quote but essentially said how sorry I was the member had two subscriptions.  Not that I would fix it, I had.  Not that I would refund the couple of moths of overlap.  I'd done that too.  Expeditiously and without fanfare.  But I was not sufficiently empathetic with the member's plight of having to reach out and get this corrected.

Now for me, I'd give a customer service rep a hundred stars if they said, "That sucks, here, fixed, ok?"  

But we need to say how much we are in alignment with our customer's angst and, well, how much we understand and care.

Yeah, four more hours of it and then maybe not so much a customer service agent anymore. 

Anyone need empathy around here.. you're on your own.


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