Chicago 7

Typically fun Sorkin thing.  Brings back memories for some of us.  

BUT.  One scene really hit me hard.  Bobby Seale in jail and Tom Hayden visiting.

Seale: The seven of you, you've all got the same father, right?

Seale: I'm talking to you.

Seale: You all got the same father, right?

Seale: "Cut your hair, don't be a fag, respect authority, respect America, respect me"

Seale: Your life, it's a 'Fuck you' to your father, right?

Seale: A little?

Hayden: Maybe

Seale: Maybe

Seale: Any you can see how that's different from a rope on a tree?

The lines delivered calmly and without malice by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.  The quiet voice louder than anything else in the movie.

Such a microcosm of the liberal movement, why it is so hard to do things together, even by people with pure hearts and the best of intentions.


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