Every day is Friday or None of them are

Back to my previous reality.

I missed you.

There are two days of the week that are important.  Take garbage cans to the curb day and bring garbage cans back from the curb day.

Other than that ... well, there are days on the calendar like Zoe tooth day week after next and country cough up the big orange hairball day next week.  Days to avoid the school in our community early in the morning and at 3PM and days when the construction people are not supposed to work and I hear the quiet again.

Tomorrow morning is none of those days.  It is just a day when the sun will come up and then set and there will be lots of light in the middle.  And I can do what I want.  If I do a series of things one way somewhere down the line I may receive money.  If not I'll have to forgo that whatever it is I want on that other day.

I'm either reading too much or not enough Zen.

Don't go anywhere, I'll be back soon.



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