Day one... again

I started my most recent gig to make a few bucks and fill in a slowly widening financial hole.  Six weeks later I retired AGAIN having clear about $1300 pretax (so, maybe $1100-ish for a lot of hours of work.

Although it was clearly not worth it from a straight up dollar per hour number it was really interesting to see how the mechanism works, how the temp support works, the work at home operates, the back end of customer service, all of it.  Very complex and difficult to do.  I only wish I could have seen the management end of things. 

Much of what I saw I thought was a bad idea.  I thought the scheduling was not conducive to being able to plan one's life and I hated the bling portion of the game.  But the customer wanted bling, energy, selling all the time.  And I completely understand that.  Like Bezos, every day is day one.  That is THE WAY but it is just something I don't much believe in and can't fake for long (which is why I'm not a multimillionaire ex-small business owner).

The company I worked for has a number of other clients but I suspect the experience would be similar enough I'd feel trapped again.

So I'm happy with the six week experiment and already enjoying not having to sign into hundreds of other people's problems.  I'm pretty sure I can figure out a better way to do things.  And as Jeff would say, it is Day One.


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