And now for something completely different - Chess is cool (again)

I've got again as a parenthetical since I don't ever remember it being cool.  Maybe in the 16th century, but I doubt it.  OK, in Russia it was cool.  And in Central Park.

I was more aware of the recent upsurge of chess than I was of the platform, Twitch, on which it is having its resurgence.  And now it is on what I suspect is a fairly long term popularity swing.  Having a gorgeous chess queen movie seems to have had an impact since Queen's Gambit met covid social separation.

My suspicion is also that it will not be just a flash in the pan but will be a phenomenon that will carry forward in the current youth generation who will grow up knowing how to play. 

One issue where chess will really grow is the part of the movie that was realistic.  Games can be and are discussed for years and decades and longer.  Twitch is perfect for that and the audience for games is rapidly growing so that soon there will be new strategies and new heroes of both sexes and all persuasions and physical abilities.

We could use a group of people steeped in the lessons of long term strategic thinking.  


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