Run away.. really, just run away

I had an interesting trip to the store today.  As I was near full of stuff and ready to leave I heard some guy yelling down the end of an isle probably 30 yards from me.  I don't remember and could not really hear but it seemed to me to be an argument and my immediate thought was some maskless asshole.

When I was in the Navy my job was to run towards trouble on the ship.  I mean, not like we could escape anywhere, so running towards the problem and nipping it in the bud was kind of important.  Kind of life and death.  I'd been trained in a fully engulfed engine room fire, 360 degrees of flame and I was on the front of the lead hose.  It was interesting.   When I got out of the Navy I resolved to leave the burning buildings and call the insurance company and I've maintained that stance since.

So this guy was yelling, obviously others were working the situation, I moved away and found more shopping to do on the other side of the store.  No pictures, no video, no looky loos...  never even turned back.  I was actually kind of waiting for the pop of a gun at which time I would have been on the deck asap.  It was maybe two minutes when a couple of beefy guys, one in police cammos strapped with a gun came running past me towards the melee.  I smiled but was wearing a mask so it was lost on them.  A little more noise and the back door alarm went off and it was quiet.

1 — Good on the police.  I think they went from first sound to end of incident in under five minutes.  My guess is there is a substation somewhere close by.

2 — There were a number of people either standing there and staring or moving towards the incident.  I was so wanting to say "just a little voter suppression .." but I don't think anyone would have thought it was funny.

3 — This song was running through my mind.  An old favorite.  Stay away when there's a riot going on.


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