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Letting go

There are two very difficult things in a small business.  The first is learning everything and I mean everything about the business.  The second is to let it all go.
I never really accomplished the first part entirely.  It's an ongoing process.  As is the second.  Little by little I'm letting go pieces of what I owned entirely for a while.
Yesterday I let a bit more go.  In the past I've done a lot of our graphics for phone book entries, small ads, etc.  I'm not all that good at it but that didn't stop me.  I was starting on an ad for our Sun City phone book entry and realized that it was really not smart of me at this point to be doing that kind of thing when I can do other things more productive for the company.  So I just put it in an email to our newly acquired graphics person (Jo Ellen Lyons - jolydesigns.com).  She'll have it completed on time and in better shape and I can be doing what I do better.
It is a good feeling to let go and a better one to know that there is now someone who knows what we need and how we need it done so that next time I won't even have to send the email.

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