Waiting for the dentist or someone like him

Up at 6AM today, an hour early, so I could take Zoe for a walk before time for the vet and give her a chance to empty all the systems before getting the general anesthetic.  It was weird walking our usual route before 7AM.  I spent much of my life up at that time of day riding my bike but that was a couple of years ago and I don't do that now.  

I dropped off Zoe.  I hate the confused look she gives me when I drop her off and only hope the anxiety is short lived and she gets to nap quickly.  They have permission to pull whatever teeth are needed.  I think only one in the back but mostly try not to think about it at all and just stay glued to my phone.

Now I'm doing my daily writing and blog research.  A few grains of progress each day is enough.  And a couple of financial calls to see where things are.

Driving around I saw more indications of the continuing election.  It is clear that the grinding process of individual state certifications is moving forward but as with all of his narcissistic methodology Trump will keep a portion of the country on edge much as he did during the Obama birther scam.  This was visually verified in my mind when I saw a lone 30ish old white male standing on the corner in Georgetown, Texas holding a Trump 2020 sign.  That Trump's insanity somehow fulfills a void in this guy's life enough that he stands on the corner at 7:15AM with an election sign is amazing.  Not in a good way.  In a disturbing way.  Better than waving a gun, I guess.  

It is clear that we're going to see constant agitation just as did President Obama.  Like a pack of zombies from Walking Dead trying to pick off the weak, the slow, the ones on the outside of the pack.  Constant harassment.  We need Rick.


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