A little unsettling read here

Couple of things.  

First of all this is an article from the Lancet via MIT Technology Review.  I generally find both the Lancet and JAMA to be very difficult to read.  Of course I got a gift 'D' in college Zoology and pretty much remember only how to pronounce it so my sciencing is low.  But to have MIT synthesize a complex article and create an understandable and very useful explanation is pretty amazing.

That was the good news.

The bad news is: 

a — those of us with ADHD are 65% more likely to get Covid.  Shit.  And just what is that about??   

b — Covid makes you crazy.  I mean for 1 in 5 people physical recovery from Covid is only the beginning.  They are likely to acquire mental health problems.   

Just because Trump had Covid doesn't mean.... ..   well, really, how could you tell.

Anxiety disorders, insomnia, and dementia were the most common diagnoses.

Way too many thoughts on that sentence.

Masks anyone?

And I might have to give me MIT Technology Review for Christmas.


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