I want to ride my bicycle

I went outside and played today.  

Zoe has lost five pounds since last January mostly from walking every day.  While we both do that her loss was my gain.  Sigh.

So I've been saying for a while that I'd get out on the bicycle again (three years ago I was riding 120 miles a week) and today I finally did.  It was painful as is always the case just starting out on the bike again.  I'm carrying my fifty pound belly pack with me and my legs ain't what they used to be nor will they be ever again.  

But I got through six miles or so.  Not a lot but still up and down hills it was OK.  Now I just need to rinse and repeat.  Zoe has me trained to the daily walk now so adding cycling will help.  Last time we lived in this area I would ride 9 or so miles to Einstein Brothers, have breakfast, and ride back.  I'd dearly like to do that again.  There are a few fairly serious hills on the way and on the way back (funny how that works) so I've got a ways to go.  I never even thought about it before.

Getting old continues to be annoying.

At least I'm head of the line for the vaccine.  Suck it, you young people!!


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