The 3 percent solution

Sometimes I just like writing titles.

We just got the paperwork on our second refi of the house we've lived in for two years now.  I think we're at the bottom, though.  A 3PCT loan is pretty amazing.  Zero down.  Ever.  We were going for lower payments.  So the price of the house has gone up as we're not paying down much capital and closing costs are rolled in.. three times now.  But I'm never paying this sucker off so all I care about is the monthly payment.  It is down to a little over $1800 bucks with insurance and taxes for a pretty nice place in a safe neighborhood close to a great store we'll be able to sell when we leave.  amw would HATE it.  It is perfect.

We close Monday and I pay about $186 at closing.  No mortgage payment until January so we get a little money that is sitting in the bank for next month's payment that I can squirrel away into deeper savings, the emergency fund.  And some dental crowns for Dana.  

Long term gain with lower mortgage and short term kick with a mortgage payment we can skip.  Early Christmas.

The title company said we could come in and sign or they would send a notary.  Where would we come in?  Downtown Austin.  We'll be here whenever the notary can make it.  Thanks.


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