When it rains, it pours... says the desert dweller

I've forgotten what a full on rainy day is like.  We are on the front end of what might end up being a serious drought.  I'm hoping not but watering the foundation may well be in the future.  You've heard about watering your foundation, haven't you?  Love Texas.

BUT, that is not today's issue.  Today we have an ice maker not working (again) in the refrigerator and a Samsung dryer with the drum that won't spin and at 1PM we're closing on our mortgage for the third time.  

I feel like GBBO —  It's HOUSE DAY!!  [I prefer cake day, personally, although biscuit day...  and bread day... and pie day].

We moved into the house in October of 2118.  Bought a refrigerator and washer/dryer at the same time.  Last year I had a few bucks and the one year warranty came up so I bought three years of everything that doesn't move warranty.  Until this week it was only the ice maker.  I would have done a warranty on the refrigerator anyway.  As much as we use the ice maker (refer to the first paragraph of living in a desert) I knew it was going to have problems.   And, sure enough.  

So today is House Day.  And tomorrow and the day after.  But we'll get it all done, people tramping in and out of the house.  Sigh.


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