Not going after all

Turns out that there was a positive test for covid in my step son's remote family (a cousin and wife) so he's called off the trip for now.  I found that to be an encouraging sign for resetting it in the future.   I proposed a couple of weeks, after Thanksgiving, if all is well by then.  Meanwhile I've got my Surface laptop set up if I can ever get the two sides to get on Google Meet.  

So just waiting for the dryer repair man.  Dana is taking Toby to the vet to have them look at his ears.

Am fine.. do not need vet
Am fine.. do not need vet

He's been scratching a lot despite having drops put in them.  Likely a minor infection.

We closed on the house yesterday so I'm now down to a 3% mortgage and financing for the last time I suspect.  Unless it goes down to 1%.  It increased our overall loan by $1000 and reduced our payment by about $150/month.  So a very good deal.  Lots of paper to sign but the notary came here and we were all masked up.  It was fine.


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