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The ice machine repair guy is supposed to be here in another half hour or so.  I called yesterday and said that I'd been sufficiently patient letting them get to people whose refrigerator was actually out but it was my turn now.  They called back to say they will have someone here this morning.  He won't have whatever part is needed so he'll have to come back.

Same as the dryer guy who said I needed a whole new motor (in a two year old Samsung).  Doesn't matter to me what it needs.  Costs me $75 even if they have to replace the whole thing (which they are obligated to do if they can't fix it).   So he's supposed to call me with the parts arrival report.  Same will happen with the ice maker.  I think the warranty company sources the actual parts and provides them which saves them money but is paid for by the repair people in repeat visits.  One of the many reasons I never accepted work from a warranty company for the computer shop I ran.  Not worth it.

Fortunately Dana and I both ran a full load and had all clean clothes the day before the dryer broke.  I really hate laundromats especially now.  Expensive and there are people.  I figure we've got a week before things get dicey.

And as long as I'm on home topics, Dinnerly is doing poorly.  I've been using the service for maybe a year now, kind of a downgrade from the expense of Hello Fresh.  What I like about Dinnerly is the price.  What I like about food services like it in general is that it greatly cuts down my store trips, in the case of Dinnerly costs less than were I to buy the stuff myself, and it provides some form of vegetable for each meal which is more than I do when I shop.

But I was due to receive my weekly allotment yesterday and it never came.  It was "on the truck" at Fedex yesterday morning and is "on the truck" again today.  Which makes me wonder where it was for the 24 hours between the two.  We'll be checking quality when it does get here.

This is the third time this has happened and my son reports the same issues.  Either Dinnerly is so overwhelmed with orders they can't keep up or they charge so little they don't have proper resources to do the job right.  Or both.  Actually getting the food on the day it is promised is kind of important in the 'what day to I go to the store' kind of way.  I think I wouldn't mind so much if they delivered in the morning but the delivery is late in the day and so becomes a guessing game.

I'm reevaluating the situation.  


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