It looks like I'll be going to Walmart this morning.  For clothespins.  And groceries.  Not wasting the trip.  I got a call last night that the replacement motor for our dryer 'should' be in next Wednesday.  Dana informed me that Thursday was Thanksgiving so we're unlikely to have work done then.  Which means maybe the 27th.  At best.  More likely the 30th.  If that is indeed the problem and the fix is effective then we may be 10 days away from being back in business, dryer-wise.  This is a disruption of the force.  I'm too old for a lot of routing juggling.

I do have a line out run from the cooker to the cement laden planters.  The upside of that is nothing permanent is done to the house.  No holes.  The downside is I'm planning to cook ribs next Thursday so no laundry then.  

If the cooker part does not work I've got plenty of line and will do a better job.  While I'm at Walmart I'll get the hardware.  House to fence.  Pillar to post, as it were.  With a couple of hooks so I can take it down while I'm smoking ribs.

Of course, this morning it is drizzly.  A little.  One of those 'best laid plans'.


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