Lots of miles today

I had to take some Zoe poop to the vet.  She's had problems since taking antibiotics several weeks ago.  Comes and goes.  They sold me ($1/day) some animal probiotic power that goes on her food.  I should hear back by tomorrow if there is a larger problem but I've got to take her for an appointment anyway to be sure her gums are healed.

The vet was one direction, the store where I needed to go to get some hickory wood chunks was the other.  But the ribs are in the refrigerator and WILL be cooked on Thursday morning.  Just the two of us so we can have what we want.

The store was full of people.  Everyone was all masked up and I was only going to vegetables and outdoor cooker area so interaction was pretty minimal.  

The lady in front of me in the FIFTEEN ITEMS line had easily 30 items.  I was cool.  I was so very above it all, serene.  She had to bag it herself since no one bags the 15 item line and she took oh, so long tying every plastic bag with a knot.

But I was just calmly involved in my phone.  Zero drama.  So proud of myself.  I had a more effective mask than hers.  

I'm thinking there's a Holden Caufield piece in that.  A little short Covid insanity story.  Writing exercise for in the morning.

In addition to the morning's walk with Zoe (on which we now take the diminutive in size but not in attitude, Toby) I did an afternoon bike ride.  Third time in a week.  I'd like to get that going more.  I'm only doing 7 miles compared to the 20 I used to do but it is still good.  There are a couple of serious hills I've avoided so far.  It would be easy to plan it out to 20 miles if I included the hills.  Something to work up to.  


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