I live in a different world right Next Door

From Next Door today:

Hmmm... someplace nice and Covid... I mean, Cozy
Hmmm... someplace nice and Covid... I mean, Cozy

There were 18 comments naming places most of which I know and not one of which has outdoor dining.  Glad Texas doesn't have a Covid problem.

Virgina Episcopal School still full of jerks

I did two years at VES with the privileged super white southern boys before I managed to break out.  It did not go well.   A couple of years ago they tracked me down like an escaped prisoner and started sending me alumni stuff (damn the Internet!!).  I sent them a nice cease and desist note and they stopped killing trees for me.

Today I get a letter from a law office.  Since I owned a business for a dozen years this occasionally happens and it is never good news.

Can't ignore this
Can't ignore this

Of course I opened it immediately assuming that it was someone who thought I owed them money.

It was an announcement of the 50th alumni meeting for VES.

I could not believe that they got me one more time.  Rather than be up front with an envelope that says "hey, we'd love to get together with you to celebrate something inconsequential we did 50 years ago" they couch it in an envelope that looks threatening.  

And I don't even know any of the four on the envelope or anyone mentioned in the letter.  See it was 50 years ago and I've mostly dumped that data that I didn't much care about at the time and certainly don't care about now.  


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