Dentist for Dana

Dana just left the house on the way to an early morning dental appointment to get crown(s).  The dentist is a friend and they are really good typically able to get the permanent crown in one visit.  They make them there in a pretty amazing process.  Still, she's been putting it off for a while and it is a milestone to get it done and nothing that clonazepam can't handle.  

Time for dog walking (or as they call it, person walking) and then a quick shop for a couple of essentials.  We're having ribs tomorrow and are going to make baked beans and potato salad from scratch.  Because we can.  I need to buy some Navy beans and a couple of other non related staples.  We have a store that is not ever crowded and I'll swing by for that.  Then back home for a couple of days until something else comes up that pulls me out of the house.  The next time for sure I need to leave is next Wednesday but something will come up.

Daily walks with Zoe (and now, the shrimp, Toby goes with us too) keep me sane and have as it turns out resulted in her losing five pounds that she really needed to lose.  Of course at the same time I gained 10.  She scampers.  I walk. But she is doing very well post tooth extraction.  Her stitches have not yet dissolved but will soon.

Watching the news is so much more calming now.  The difference is weird.  The tensions are normal, the discussions interesting, the priority setting worth engaging.  Where have you been Joe DiMaggio?

Happy Thanksgiving to all.  


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