Repair and medical week

We've got something every day this week.  Dryer and Ice Machine repairs.  Immunology and pain clinic and maybe podiatrist, vet visit and maybe let the cat go (he's old and not happy about life) and Dana birthday on the 1st so cake for everyone!

It will be nice to get the dryer back.  The clothes cleaner company worked flawlessly (not an easy thing to accomplish on Thanksgiving week).  It was a little pricey but less than a laundromat and obviously safer.  And easier.  But I miss my dryer.  They are replacing the motor that turns the drum.  It only lasted two years which is kind of cheesy for a not cheap dryer.  Helped pay off some of my home warranty cost though.  As has the ice maker's second time being down.  Turns out there might have been a design issue that allowed warm air to get to the outside of the ice maker causing buildup of ice crystals.  The repair guy is fixing all that so maybe it won't break again.

Today and tomorrow are just out of joint to me.  The schedule is off.  I can't get a handle on it.  Not that it much matters.  I've got stuff to do (blog structuring) and stuff to watch (I'm catching up on British Baking Master Class) and the weather is pretty good for bike riding.  So the off days are still pretty busy.


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