Things to do

Next week will be busy and Dana's birthday is on Tuesday.  Much to her chagrin I'm not much of an even celebration person so no balloons or glitter but I did get her some cool Bomba (well, actually they are warm) socks and a way to turn off and on her sound machine (an alexa plug) in addition to one of those glass prints of Toby that I already gave her.  But I do need to get some icing for the yellow cake she loves.  And make the cake.  

I'm thinking store today but I can go to our low population store (Randalls) since I don't need anything specific.

Meanwhile I've cancelled Butcher's Box after two months.  I wanted it to be good so much but most of the meat was disappointing.  Might be because it was frozen or just not high quality.  The cost was great but we had a chuck roast that I made into tasteless leather pot roast (the dogs are thrilled, though).  That was the last straw.  They were supposed to charge me for next month's box tomorrow but I killed it.  I'd rather have half the meat that was twice as good.  They did have wonderful scallops and I KNOW how to cook perfect scallops.  So I need to find a source for them.

I can do not quite as well money wise but way better taste at Costco and HEB.

After I've gotten over the sad I may try another service.  

We're still using Home Chef (discussion to follow in another post) and Dinnerly gave me a free week after their recent disaster so we're in good shape for meals for a while.

Middle of Texas and I can't find a source I like for beef.  Go figure.


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