Busy Monday so I'm here writing

I've got to bake a cake today for Dana's birthday tomorrow.  Nothing British Bake Off fancy.  I'd never attempt that for someone else.  I'm just going Duncan Hines with lots of frosting.  All store bought.  I've got the 'box o' cake' in the pantry but the accompanying chocolate icing seems to have disappeared.  

And I've got to wrap her presents, something I hate doing.  I don't mind the wrapping, I hate the waste.  Back when we got a newspaper I used to hoard the Sunday comics to use them for wrapping paper.  No idea how I became so parsimonious about this particular piece of waste but watching someone unwrap and throw away paper that was just put around an object makes me cringe.  As does carefully removing it to reuse it.  In the movie "Lion in Winter"  they use lovely cloth as wrapping for presents and I used to think this was the solution but stuck with my comics which of course I no longer get.

So bake the cake.  Wrap the presents.  And wash AND dry clothes!!  The dryer man will be her today and hopefully will fix the dryer by replacing the motor.  And my routine life washing clothes will return.

Both washer and dryer sense the clothes and only use as much water and drying time as necessary so I don't feel like I have to fill up either one to be efficient.  Since Zoe and I walk every morning I end up with a pile of sweaty t-shirts and shorts. So I've gotten used to doing laundry more than once a week.  This no dryer thing is cramping my style!

I think kicking off the cake now so it will be done before the dryer guy is gone and then store to get icing, et al.  I'll buy a nice reusable birthday bag.  Compromise.


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