Birthday tasks

I finished the cake yesterday and it refrigerated well overnight.  It looks as amateurish as it is.  No entry in a competition for me.  BUT it should taste good and I have ice cream.

Bought Dana a lovely orchid to add to the collection.  She has a bunch now and has managed to rebloom a couple of them so it is kind of fun to have them around.  This one has half a dozen blooms so should be nice for months before it goes to sleep.

And bought a couple of nice thick steaks (at her request) and some asparagus.  I'll cook both on the grill and bake a couple of potatoes.  And probably a salad for me.  NO, NO, NO asparagus.  The Randalls had a combo asparagus and  brussel sprout combo buy one get one free.  So I did.  And will eat neither but I don't mind cooking them.

Just like Dinnerly, the Home Chef delivery due yesterday didn't make it.  So I'm letting Dinnerly off the hook.  This is clearly a delivery company problem.  I assume it will be here today.  I did get a really nice email in response from Home Chef saying to take the temp of the box when it came in and be sure it was still below 41 degrees.  I'm hopeful.  They also gave us a free meal for two in compensation.  Dinnerly gave us credit enough for an entire order.  Obviously they are busy, busy.  Good for them.  As long as they compensate me I'll be understanding.

Other than that we're starting a December that everyone keeps saying will end the year.  I'm thinking that 2020 has at least another six months.

BUT I do like the number 50 today.

50 days to inauguration


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