I have to work at not binging on The Great Pottery Throwdown (on HBOMax).  I enjoy it and have done enough of what they are doing to be a little gleeful at their failures (most of which have happened to me) and in awe of their successes.  The whole thing takes place in a commercial factory at Stoke-on-Trent located between Brimingham and Manchester in central England.

Courtyard of the factory
Courtyard of the factory

The location is this huge place that for centuries has created china known throughout the world through a process equally of manufacturing and hand work.  It is a most amazing place.  I'm sure if allowed I could spend days just moving from area to area inside it.

The potters have the advantage of having their work fired by an expert with access to the finest equipment of all varieties.  And at that there is a lot of typically random events that change and sometimes ruin the work.  

Pottery so resembles life to me that no matter how well, how carefully, how controlled, how lovingly life is constructed it is the randomness of the universe that prevails.

Controlling the fall of a leaf is impossible and self defeating.  


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