Another age thing

I'm really fairly young in my head so I'm usually surprised when I find out something in my body has deteriorated.  I did the hip and knee replacement but they are done and mostly forgotten and I walk and ride a bike like normal if not as far.  So I've been walking with Zoe every day as she demands I do and recently my left foot has been hurting.  I've had bunion surgery on it long, long ago so I just assumed that was the issue.  

I went to the podiatrist today and got the X-rays and nope, not bunion.  Arthritis.  I am NOT THAT OLD!!  

Fortunately the fix is pretty easy.  I need shoes that have a very stiff sole so that the shoe does not bend.  And, fortunately, that shoe is available and on the way.  I went to a shoe store and found them and found out they did not have my size so I ordered them while in the store and they will be at my house in a couple of days.  An early Christmas present.  While in the store I wore a pair and they were wonderful.  Zero pain at all.  I'm thrilled that we figured it out and it is manageable.

I bought Dana an orchid for her birthday.  It is a lovely one with lots of blooms to come.  We have three small ones that do not currently have blooms but are in great shape.  I've got an east facing window and thought I'd try them in a terrarium on my sill.  I ordered a 10 gallon rectangle tank and some moss and a cover.  All but the cover is on the way.  I'm hoping to get the orchids facing east in a cold, humid environment and force them to bloom.

First I've got to extend the ledge to make room.  C-clamps on a piece of exterior (very thin) compressed wood.  If it works I'll paint the C-clamps so they look good.  Doing it that way means I can not tear up the window sill and still protect it and extend it.

Plants for the terrarium
Plants for the terrarium


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