Sunny and mild

Just got back from my Zoe gambol.  True to form her diarrhea has gone away now I've written the vet asking for an appointment.  I should be able to set things up for later in the week to get more data and see if it has truly gone away.

Meanwhile, it was a lovely walk and a lovely morning.  I'm looking forward to my new shoes coming Tuesday.  It would be pretty nice to be able to walk without twinges of arthritis.  Fingers crossed.

I'm on the last of season 2 of Potter Throw Down.  They are working with porcelain and having all the problems I had with it.  YES!  

 Later I'll look in on Raised By Wolves hoping it is crappy and I don't have to get more HBO Max.  I'll finish the third and final season of PTD this week so no worries there.  I've already got to get HBO Max for Dune whenever that comes out and likely other movies.  So annoying.

Otherwise there are a couple of football games today.  I used to really pay attention to football but not so much anymore.  A few college games and watching Patrick Mahomes play is enough for a weekend.   

We are in the middle of such a cultural shift it is hard to fathom what our society will be like in 10 years.  


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