Positive Monday Morning Tidbit

I'm in love with a rock and roll queen.  Not the first time.  From Janis to Sinead O'Connor to Dolores O'Riordan to Natalie Merchant and so many more there is a long history in my life of unrequited love for strong female lead singers.  I've found a new one.

Her name is Nandi Bushell.  If you don't know who she watch this or read this or a few hundred other places she pops up.   At 10 years old she's got more attitude than a dozen other pop stars and unlike the raft of multi-millionaire new kids on the Internet block she's not particularly commercial.  She is an artist becoming.  And, of course, Dave Grohl is her first acolyte and mentor.  A note here.  I've been aware of Grohl but never a fan of Foo Fighters or Nirvana.  Not my time period and I only realized what a wonderful person he is through his relationship with Nandi, for whom he wrote an anthem.  

Nandi it a multi instrument, (although primarily drums) song writer whose themes are better than most of the pap that papers the pop world.  

"I just want to do something that makes me feel alive.  I just want to do something that fills my heart with pride."

She still sounds like a 10 year old when she sings but, well, she is 10.  She plays percussion like an adult who knows what she's doing and is learning lead and bass guitar and keyboard as she demonstrates here.

The whole thing likely would not have happened had it not been for the Covid quarantine that drove everyone to long hours on the Internet.  But it did happen and Nandi is forever changed.  It is an ill wind that blows no good.

The attitude.  Such joy combined with skill and desire to excel.  And those eyes.

Yeah, I'm in love.


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